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Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years

Aug. 10, 2017, Beirut - To mark its 40th year in business, Zod Security is renewing its vow to provide the market with groundbreaking security and safety equipment, with a commitment to quality and concern for its customers’ satisfaction.

Zod Security has just crossed its 40 years milestone, and insists on engaging its stakeholders in the celebrations by expressing its sincere thanks to all who contributed to reaching this significant stage in its history.

Founded in 1977 as a small family business, the company has gone through many changes that have shaped it to become the firm it is today. In the past 10 years, it has quadrupled its revenues and has since increased staff and shifted corporate strategies to cope with the growing levels of business.

“40 years is a crown we wear proudly, it goes to show that we have both experience and customers’ loyalty and trust” says Managing Director Capt. Sami Zod. “We have gone through many challenges and have come out unscratched, including wars and turmoils. Very few companies get to survive establishment, fewer get to survive civil unrest, and even fewer can do so for 40 years. We can be proud of our accomplishments, but a long road is still ahead of us: we still have many more milestones to reach and many places to go.”

Zod Security’s Assistant Managing Director Elie Zod adds, “One of our major strengths is the diversity of our customer base, if one sector is slow, another is usually buoyant. This said, through it all, the most important thing remains our core values that make us who we are as a company.”

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