Allow me to express my gratitude and appreciation for the great service, communication and promptness that were put together by you and were smoothly provided by ZOD Security.

 Thank you for your support, and looking forward to doing business with you again.

Rashad Raffoul, Project Manager - DMZ

"I have dealt with Zod Security Company since 1998, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support services. They always provide advanced product with proficient installation and after sales services. I can confidently recommend Zod Security Company as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field."

Pierre Chidiac, Business Support Services Supervisor - BRITISH COUNCIL

"Zod Security has once again proven to be one of the leading companies in the telecommunication and electronics business in Lebanon. Through Zod Security we were able to install and accommodate within a minimum time frame a new videophone system on an existing cabling thanks to the assistance of their technicians and the competence of their sales team."

Sami Hamawi - SOLIDERE

"Being the professional leader, a watchful and a protective eye in the security range, "ZOD security" you are a plus recommended to fasten the tranquility and the safety in our community."

Rony El Hajj, Commercial Assistant - MEDIAPAK Advertising & Marketing

“I hereby express my complete satisfaction of the service provided by Zod Security. I am especially pleased with the professionalism and timeliness given by the staff.”

Dory Hitti, Owner - LE CERCLE HITTI

"With all pleasure I have had the chance to work with Zod security in two issues. In both, I found that the customer service and the follow up were extensive. Very straightforward and motivated team. Excellent service and quality. The promised quality is definitely achieved."

Issam R. Abi Nasr, General Manager - CHATEAU RWEISS

 "Being a leader in the security industry, Mtayleb Country Club and Les Pics Blancs had been dealing with Zod Company for almost a decade, pleased with their professional and adequate services."


"I was fortunate to have inspired the purchase of a Kadesh vault door from Zod Security for a branch located in one of the trouble (war threatened) parts of Liberia in early 2003. What impressed me most was the detailed specification provided by your company to aid the construction of the vault wall, etc, which we have used in all our branches since then. I strongly recommend your product to all interested in getting a secured and well tested vault door."


"It is a pleasure to recommend Zod Security. From the time the agreement was made till the handing over, Zod's personnel's had acted with diligence and efficacy. Quality and price was well justified compared to other offers we received."

Alfred Rahme, Owner - LE PARC DES PINS

"Zod security has delivered great quality products, were very professional and efficient in installation, and have excellent after sales service. "

Charif Ltaif, Owner - LTAIF TEXTILES sarl

I would sincerely write the following: ''your commitment to time and excellence was highly appreciated, your positive reaction and problem solving impressed me. I look forward to the next project with your team. Good luck, you deserve success.''

Camil Boulos (Residential)

"ZOD is a professional company."

Nazih Chaoul, Engineering

"Zod has state of the art products & equipment, further more the extensive knowledge of their team and professional approach makes them unique. We had a great experience with Zod & we feel safer."

Raffy Y. Der-Stephanian

"Dealing with this company makes you feel comfortable and reassuring as well ' - You always feel once you enter into their company... Everybody cares about you' - It's hard to find in other places... The same quality of items and materials that they sell' - Their name means? 'Defend you' - In terms of Price, service and credibility."

Mohamad Lawand - AL AZM WAL SAAD

"Our experience with Zod Security has really left nothing but good and comfortable memories, professionalism is the first word that comes to mind when describing Zod Security, an asset to Lebanon supplying needs and techs well followed up by accurate after sale service."


"Que vous dire de plus sinon vous répéter l’expression de notre  entière satisfaction. Si l’on devrait décerner un prix de qualité d’un service vente et après-vente, votre société serait sans aucun doute sur la plus haute marche du podium..."

Jacqueline Sakr  - ANTA AKHI / TOI, MON FRERE

"Talking about the products and not to mention the brand quality that Zod supply, one of Zod main advantages over other low current suppliers is the availability of wide range of products in there warehouses. This is a major factor which effects decision making in ongoing projects."

Mohamad Basma, V.P. Engineering - KIEBACK & PETER MEA

"Zod Security has provided us with three products: The Burglar alarm system, The Fire extinguishers and hoses, The Standalone face recognition for time system. We also benefit from Zod's proficient after sales services."


"Referring to my experience of 18 years with your company. I have no doubt about your professionalism as Zod company for security services .you were, still,  and will keep on the first raw in the market."

Robert Ajjour, Production Manager - METIERS D'ART S.A.L.

"Although I didn't have the opportunity to deal directly with ZOD SECURITY yet, but I can still vouch for their very respectable market goodwill, and their professionalism in quoting and following up for various jobs. ZOD SECURITY always was and shall stay "the reference" in the fire fighting market in Lebanon."

Osman ADRA, Managing Director - INTERCOOL S.C.S

"Zod were professional, the pre-sales was aware about the products available and the advises were so valuable in term of financial and reduction of prices. Your technical team was so positive and on time with no delay and a sharp estimation for deliveries, even they did enhancements on the ground with personal initiatives."


"Our dealing with Zod Security for such a long period (more than 15 years) is due to the professional sales team and the quality of their products which are highly needed in Lebanese market, alongside w/their excellent technical support for us as retailers."


"It was a real pleasure to deal with your company and the lovely and professional staff in it.  It is becoming really difficult to find people at your level of professionalism with such courteous and helpful staff - from Laura to Ara and the Zeani and all the rest. Really appreciate dealing with you guys."

AJ Hasbini, M.D., Associate F.A.C.S.

"ZOD security after service has proven to be exceptional with their fast reply and professionalism. ZOD Security always treated us as a partner and always kept us updated with the latest technologies."

Wissam Zouheiry, IT Manager - LANDMARK GROUP

"I find myself speechless when it comes to describe what Zod offered us. Whether from the follow up on my first email, or to the visit of Mr. Hassan to describe the services and items sold, or to the installation process. It was all one of a kind. Perfect follow up, friendly people and a very professional installation work."

Layal Hanna, Assistant Manager - RAWFERT

"Zod Security put the "safe" in the safety of our home."

Karim Majdalani, Owner - INTRAMURO

"In February 1994, we, the Clerical School (Ghazir), have installed the lightning prevention device and power line protection from ZOD Security. Since that time, the installed system worked perfectly and we had full protection."


"In November 1994, Byblos Bank had contacted ZOD Security to install a Lightning Prevention Device along with power line surge protection for our Computer Center Building in Jbeil and to date the system has worked perfectly and provided the required protection to our sensitive data processing equipment."


"In 1993, we, A.T.C.L. (Jounieh), have installed the Automatic Gate Opener from ZOD Security. Since that time, the installed system worked perfectly and we had full satisfaction."

Brigadier Toufic Jalbout, General Manager -  A.T.C.L.

" In April 1994, Saint Joseph School had installed from ZOD Security lightning equipment. Since That year (1994) up till today, the system has worked very satisfactorily and provided us with the necessary protection."


" On June, 1998, a fire broke our factory at Fanar. we tried to put it out with seven 12 Kgs powder extinguishers from an unnamed source but the fire continued its expansion.

At last, we used one 6 Kgs powder extinguisher from Zod Security sarl and the results were highly satisfactory as the fire was immediately extinguished."

Laudy Zahar - STE. NOUGEAIM P.M.O. S.A.L.

"Supermarket Fahed, Jounieh has installed 3 Automatic Gate Openers from ZOD Security in 1993 and another one in 1995. Until now, the gates have had a good performance and ZOD Security is providing the required after sales maintenance."

Nabil Fahed, Business Development Manager - FAHED SUPERMARKET

" Nous attirons par la présente votre attention sur le fait qu'en Juillet 1994, La Banque Nationale de Paris Intercontinentale - Tabaris a installé de chez la société Zod un système d'automatisme portail automatique qui est toujours en bon état et nous a donné entière satisfaction."


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