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How To Protect From Bombs

How To Protect From Bombs

Given the current security turmoil in Lebanon, we would like to bring to your attention the different available modes and practices that can help detect and fight bombing occurrences.

The Explosive Vapor Detector


This explosive detector helps detect bombs, it can even find mere traces of explosives. Warning: Fake explosive detectors abound on the Lebanese market.

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror


Efficient, yet common, this under-vehicle inspection mirror is used to detect if there are any bombs attached under the vehicle. It requires a trained inspector.

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The under-vehicle inspection system consists of an underground camera system, which needs constant monitoring, and allows you to view and record the passing vehicles for any attached bombs under its carriage. under vehicle surveillance

Xray Inspection Machine

The xray inspection machine is used for scanning luggages. recently there has been versions of xray body scanners. xray machines

Handheld Weapon Detector

The handheld metal detector allows to detect whether the person has any metal, thus, weapon on him. This requires proficient use. Warning: handheld weapon detectors have been misused on the Lebanese market. handheld

Walk-Through Weapon Detector

The walkthru metal detector allows to detect whether the person has any metal, thus, weapon on him, by passing through this item. walkthrough metal detector
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    Oct 19

    Sulaiman Serunjogi

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to know the Prices for the following items:

    . Anomaly Loctor

    . Explosive Vapor Detector

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