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Explosive Detector – bomb detector Lebanon

Explosive Detector – bomb detector Lebanon

This explosive detector is a portable vapor explosive detector (EVD) which is very dearly needed in Lebanon. It can detect bombs particles in very difficult circumstances on the Lebanese ground:
  1. Explosives residue in detection non-hermetic environment on a questioned item surface
  2. Detection of less volatile explosive matters and compositions on their base (plastic explosives)
  3. Sample explosive collection in a dusty and smoky environment for detection
  4. Simultaneous sample explosive collection in various places by means of remote sampler for accurate detection

bomb detector - lebanon

The vapor pressure of conventional explosives (TNT and etc...) turns on the ambient temperature to a great extent, which is essential when the detection takes place outdoors under low temperature. Therefore, the most reliable collection and test method for those substances is a particle collection right on the spot with subsequent heat treatment and IMS analysis by means of main unit under normal room conditions. Special heating unit (supplied) allows the explosive detector device effective low volatility explosives detection (RDX, PENT and compounds on their base, C3, C4 etc...)

Explosive detector - lebanon 

Samplers & Sampler Unit

Self contained sampler unit (air pump) with gauze sampler kit broadens the device's detection application area in combination with filter paper swab samplers explosives detection makes it possible to detect explosives from a gaseous (vapor), liquid (solution) and solid (micro particles) phases together with the explosive detector's heater unit,the low volatility explosives detection can be adequately solved.

explosive detector

Options available for lebanon

  • Chemical snap test for explosives residual
  • This detector is intended for non hermetic environment and cavities investigation for explosive
  • scents and explosives residue detection on a questioned item surface. It might be luggage, vehicles, clothes and even passport or other document of a suspected person
  • The device operational principle is based on drift spectrometry method (IMS) in an alternating electric field
  • Explosives vapor detection is realized by assay collection from the suspect object surface or its inner space and subsequent analysis of these samples for the presence of typical explosives
Detects: TNT, NG, PENT, RDX, TASTP, and all others based on them, such as C4 Semtex,... ICAO Taggants: EGDN, MNT. Sensitivity: 10-13g/cm3 for TNT (0.01ppb)

Contact us for more details. Warning: Fake explosive detector on the Lebanese market

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