Celebrating 40 Years

Aug. 10, 2017, Beirut - To mark its 40th year in business, Zod Security is renewing its vow to provide the market with groundbreaking security and safety equipment, with a commitment to quality and concern for its customers’ satisfaction.

Zod Security has just crossed its 40 years milestone, and insists on engaging its stakeholders in the celebrations by expressing its sincere thanks to all who contributed to reaching this significant stage in its history.

Founded in 1977 as a small family business, the company has gone through many changes that have shaped it to become the firm it is today. In the past 10 years, it has quadrupled its revenues and has since increased staff and shifted corporate strategies to cope with the growing levels of business.

“40 years is a crown we wear proudly, it goes to show that we have both experience and customers’ loyalty and trust” says Managing Director Capt. Sami Zod. “We have gone through many challenges and have come out unscratched, including wars and turmoils. Very few companies get to survive establishment, fewer get to survive civil unrest, and even fewer can do so for 40 years. We can be proud of our accomplishments, but a long road is still ahead of us: we still have many more milestones to reach and many places to go.”

Zod Security’s Assistant Managing Director Elie Zod adds, “One of our major strengths is the diversity of our customer base, if one sector is slow, another is usually buoyant. This said, through it all, the most important thing remains our core values that make us who we are as a company.”

40 years safety40 years extinguishing fires40 years lightning

Grand Opening – Buildmart

On June 2nd, 2016, Zod Security inaugurated its new location in Buildmart, Ghazir - the one stop project solution.

The BuildMart concept combines online casino in canada multiple companies under one roof to facilitate all kinds of projects.

Address: Yellow Zone, Kfarahbab, Ghazir.

Now in buildmart

Buildmart opening

Buildmart opening Buildmart opening
Buildmart opening Buildmart opening

Can You Find the Forbidden Items in the Airport Luggage Xrays?

Anyone who ever traveled by air has experienced, at one point or another, an X-ray luggage scan. However, very few of us have had the privilege (and responsibility) of sitting behind the monitor and discerning potential threats and banned items from the remaining baggage content.
It turns out, it is not as easy as it seems.
Now, before you freak out, keep in mind that there are softwares that were developed to assist the personnel operating the X-ray scanners, and some of the most advanced machines barely require any effort. Yet, for the most basic ones, the operator should be incredibly attentive (and experienced).
Ready to test your skills? Scroll down!
Let's begin.


1 - What does this traveler carry in his baggage that is potentially dangerous?


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


Did you guess it?

He has a pocket knife.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


2 - This one is a lot trickier.

It is not quite what you would think about when it comes to contraband.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


This is a container with cream that exceeds the allowed 100ml limit, as per airport regulations.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


3 - This backpack seems to belong to someone with an agenda.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


Yes, this is pretty much what you think it is, a gun handle.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


4 - What about this one?


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


Pliers over 17cm in length are not permitted on board.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


5 - What about this bag?


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


There is an aerosol can in this luggage, probably hairspray.

Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


6 - Look closely.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


There is quite a big knife in this bag.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


7 - Can you tell what is being smuggled here?

Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


Yes, a knife again.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


8 - This is not a subtle attempt.

Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


There is a firearm that pretty much fills the entire bag.


Xray image luggage scanned cbt simulate


How well did you perform? Keep in mind that in those cases, you were informed in advance that there is some sort of contraband that you have to find in each picture. Would you have performed as well if you were not given this hint?
Food for thought.


Source: Simulscan | DailyMail

Project Lebanon 2015

Zod Security is currently taking part in Project Lebanon 2015 which is held at BIEL in Beirut, Lebanon, from June 2nd to June 5th.

Project Lebanon 2015 is the 20th edition of the International Construction Trade Exhibition for Lebanon & the Middle East. Under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade, Project Lebanon 2015 opened its doors on Tuesday, with more than 400 exhibitors.

If you have not gotten the opportunity to visit yet, today is your last chance! You can find us on stand J5. We look forward to seeing you there.

project lebanon 2015

Seminar for The Municipalities

Following the local security unrest, and the growing reliance on the Lebanese municipalities, Zod Security organized a seminar pertaining to the topic 'Protection Against Terrorism In Public Places' for the municipalities.

It was held on May 26th, 2014 at Le Royal Hotel.

The seminar addressed several issues, including, but not limited to  'How to Protect Against Bombs' and 'How to Choose an Effective Camera Surveillance Solution', with speakers Captain Sami Zod, Owner and general manager of Zod Security and Mr. Elie Zod, Zod's very own Sales Manager. respectively.

Seminar Invitation

Invitation to the event


Municipalities Seminar

During the coffee break


Municipalities Seminar

Captain Sami Zod discussing counter terrorism equipment


Track Your Extinguishers Online

Ever wondered how your extinguishers are being maintained?

With Zod Security, and for the first time in the world, you can track your extinguishers throughout their maintenance process online.

All you need is your job order number in order to access the information directly from our website on http://tracking.zodsecurity.com/

This initiative was triggered following the rise of companies who failed to provide actual maintenance, it provides both guidance and guarantee to our clients.

Zod Security is an ISO quality management accredited company, a founding member of the Syndicate of Security & Safety Professionals in Lebanon and an NFPA member. 

track your extinguishers online

Zod Security in Project Lebanon 2014

Zod Security is exhibiting at the 19th International Construction Trade Exhibition for Lebanon and the Middle East, better known as Project Lebanon, on June 3rd - 6th between 4 and 10 pm at BIEL, Beirut.


In the 2013 edition, 712 exhibiting companies from over 25 countries showcased their latest products and services to over 20,000 visitors. Project Lebanon 2014 will be bringing together industry leaders from around the world. It is held simultaneously with Energy Lebanon and EcOrient exhibitions.

Zod Security will be showcasing to the regional construction sector a selective range of security equipment. Zod experts will also be present to assist the visitors with their enquiries and questions regarding safety and security equipment.

We look forward to meet you on stand J5.

Zod Security participating in HORECA 2014


Meet the security equipment experts from Zod Security at the annual HORECA exhibition. This year, it will be held on April 1st - 4th from 3 to 9 pm.


Horeca 2014

Zod Security is, once again, marking its presence among its clients in the MENA region's hospitality sector, a blooming and successful sector that encompasses some of the most interesting businesses and corporations.

Zod Security will be presenting a selective range of highly intriguing products that are of interest to the hospitality industry players. As always, keeping the main focus on safety and security.

We look forward to meet you on stand H3 - H5 at HORECA 2014.


Zod Security Speaks At Medco’s Fuel Life Seminar

Alongside the Lebanese Red Cross, and the UNDP, Zod Security's managing director Capt. Zod was invited to speak at MEDCO's Fuel Life seminar that was held in Le Royal Hotel on Wednesday March 19th, 2014 for an elite audience of corporate VIPs.

During this seminar, Zod Security provided an overview of precautions and measures to be taken against fire and explosions.


MEDCO's invitation to the FUEL LIFE seminar

Capt Zod

Capt. Sami Zod discussing the importance and use of road blockers

10 Things To Do – In Case of an Explosion in Lebanon

There has been a few explosions in Lebanon, lately. This is a quick guide for Lebanese as to what to do in case of an explosion in Lebanon:

  • Take cover

explosion lebanon 2

  • Be wary of fires and other hazards
  • Exit the building
  • Once you are out - do not stand in front of windows, glass doors, gas station
  • Stay away – Keep at least a 15 meters distance from the event location, allowing rescuers to do their job, unless you are requested otherwise.
  • Keep pathways clear - for emergency vehicles.
  • In case of fire – do not use elevators.

fire explosion lebanon

  • Call emergency – Call 112 and describe the event as well as its location.
  • Do not go back
  • Do not smoke - There might be gas leakage and a fire might ignite.

If trapped following the explosion:

  • Avoid unnecessary movement, in order not to pick up dust.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with anything you have on hand (as long as you can still breathe). Dense-weave cotton material can create a good filter.

explosion lebanon

  • Signal your location:
  1. Tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear where you are.
  2. Use a whistle or a flashlight.
  3. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause a person to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.

Tips to know prior to the explosion:

  •  It may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town, so an out-of-town contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members.
  • Learn how to use an extinguisher prior to the event.

How To Protect From Bombs

Given the current security turmoil in Lebanon, we would like to bring to your attention the different available modes and practices that can help detect and fight bombing occurrences.

The Explosive Vapor Detector


This explosive detector helps detect bombs, it can even find mere traces of explosives.
Warning: Fake explosive detectors abound on the Lebanese market.

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror


Efficient, yet common, this under-vehicle inspection mirror is used to detect if there are any bombs attached under the vehicle. It requires a trained inspector.

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The under-vehicle inspection system consists of an underground camera system, which needs constant monitoring, and allows you to view and record the passing vehicles for any attached bombs under its carriage.

under vehicle surveillance

Xray Inspection Machine

The xray inspection machine is used for scanning luggages. recently there has been versions of xray body scanners.

xray machines

Handheld Weapon Detector

The handheld metal detector allows to detect whether the person has any metal, thus, weapon on him. This requires proficient use.

Warning: handheld weapon detectors have been misused on the Lebanese market.


Walk-Through Weapon Detector

The walkthru metal detector allows to detect whether the person has any metal, thus, weapon on him, by passing through this item.

walkthrough metal detector

A New Era for Security Cameras

Amazing quality

All the new recordings were conducted from the same advanced security camera fixed in one single location!


NO editing

The only changes that took place are:

  1. blurring the car's license plate, for privacy reasons
  2. cutting the movie, to make it short
  • Full HD SONY CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 60 fps @ 720p HD
  • Up to 30 fps @ 1080p Full HD
  • 20x Zoom Lens
  • Removable IR-cut Filter for Day & Night Function
  • 360° Continuous Pan and 90° Tilt
  • Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression (Triple Codec)
  • WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in High Contrast Environments
  • Weather-proof IP66 rated Housing
  • -40°C ~ 55°C Wide Te-megapixelerature Range for Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Audio Detection for Instant Alerts
  • Built-in 802.3at compliant PoE Plus
  • 3D Privacy Masks for Additional Protection
  • Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage

Even a security lock can be AWESOME

At Zod Security, even a security lock can be awesome! Zod presents a lock with key sets that have yet to be reproduced... and that’s not all!

If you have not yet moved in, it gets really interesting. Zod offers you two sets of keys.
The first for the contractors/ handymen, and the second? For the rest of your life.


zod locks


Here’s why:

When you have electricians, plumbers and other handymen walking in and out of your apartment, you cannot always be present. With our set of keys, you can hand in the first set of keys to anyone, without worrying about it being stolen, lost or copied.

When you start moving your valuables to the apartment, all you have to do is to insert a key from the second set, and all the contractors/ handymen keys get instantly disabled!

A Safety Guide For Women

On a daily basis, we hear news about the theft of  houses, cars and shops... As well as purse snatching in most areas of  Lebanon. This has lead many women to avoid carrying handbags by fear of losing their valuables or being dragged on the ground.

Hereby, the director of Zod Security, Captain Sami Zod explains the means by which women could protect themselves from purse snatching, and the measures that must be taken to provide protection while in their cars and homes.


women defense

When Driving

Women, today, are exposed to many theft attempts, what are the means for them to protect themselves in the car?

It's simple. They should always close the car doors and windows while driving, and not leave their purses on the front seat, to prevent robbers on motorcycles from opening the door and grabbing the bags when stopping on road signs.

In addition, women should refrain from picking up strangers on the road as dangerous surprises could occur.


When Parked

Breaking the glass of a car requires only a few seconds, so in order not to lure the thief, valuables should not be visible when the vehicle is parked in public places. It is better to park, when necessary, near surveillance cameras that are widely available around town nowadays.

Watch Out For The Keys

I would advise women to separate their car keys from the house keys when the vehicle is handed in for washing or to a valet parking, due to the ease of copying keys. Given that it is easy to determine the women’s address either by personal identification, stalking or even accessing information through the documents in the vehicle.


Where Danger Peaks

Dark places and internal roads attract more criminals and abusers. It is safer to light the main entrance of the house and the car's parking lot when returning at night.

How To Defend Oneself

It is better to carry a flashlight that is at the same time a Stun Gun, the electric shock will protect you from an agressor, making him fall to the ground paralyzed for a short time, allowing the victim to escape. Another option is to use a Pepper Spray, which for about ten minutes, would cause the aggressor to display symptoms of suffoction and itching along with severe blurring and redness in the eye, the time needed for women to escape or get help. This spray can come in the form of a lipstick, and is available at Zod Security. Our company is the first to get an import license for these devices.


In Case of Armed Theft

Women must remain calm during a robbery and not resist the process of armed robbery, even if this requires giving away some valuables. Most importantly, they should try to notice any particularities a robber can have, such as a tattoo or wound, height, eyes... This is the only way they could help the security forces in catching the thief.

Home Security Measures

Any home can be exposed to theft but the risk increases when important security measures are neglected.

When you leave the house it is necessary to make sure that the doors and windows are well closed. Also, keys can be left in the door from the inside when the family is inside the house, making it difficult to manipulate it from outside. It is advisable to have a multi-latches lock and that the entrance of the house is equipped with alarm system and surveillance cameras if necessary.


 What To Protect

In addition to family members and individuals, assets have to be safeguarded, particularly precious ones like money, jewelry and important documents.

Money and jewelry should be kept in a theft-proof safe and  installed or embedded on the wall, in order to prevent its transportation. Here, a distinction must be made ​​between fire-resisting safes and theft resisting ones.

Protecting Your Residence

Real protection for buildings begins at the entrance. It has to be closed at all times with an iron door or with an electric lock controlled via interphone. To prevent thefts, it is advisable to installl the presence of surveillance cameras inside and outside with an attentive concierge.

Today, copying keys requires less than ten minutes. What characterizes Zod keys from others? Zod keys are currently known in the Lebanese market for being copy-proof because of the guaranteed movable latch that cannot be imitated or poured.

General Recommendations

I would advise every woman not to open the door for unfamiliar people whatever the excuses... Most importantly, alert children and maids on the danger of opening the door for anyone even if he claims to be from the part of a relative or friend. Also, avoid putting all official documents, such as ID, passport and bank cards in your handbag.

Warning: Fake Explosive Detectors

The bogus antenna explosive detectors are making headlines again following CNN's report on May 2nd, 2013 regarding the maker of a fake antenna bomb detector who made up to £80 million ...Before he got sentenced for 10 years in prison!


In a world tainted by security disturbances we believe that citizens should be familiar with scientific and practical details of these matters. We, therefore, present this explanatory report for safety purposes.


Fake bomb detector


It is recognized, both scientifically and universally, that explosive detectors are not designed to detect weapons, as weapon detection is based on the use of magnetic fields to sense metals. Misinformation about the possibility to detect weapons and explosives by using one and the same device is a propaganda perpetuated by traders who have drowned the Lebanese market with a vast number of devices that are connected to a metal antenna.


This suspicious phenomenon is seen only in Lebanon and some neighboring countries. Isn’t it strange that none of the major countries adopted this extraordinary technique? In addition, in some American states, promoters of such devices were referred to the legal courts and sentenced to varying terms.


bogus bomb detector


The use of these devices started when some security personnel of certain Lebanese politicians inadvertently purchased such items. In turn, Lebanese Security Forces and the Ministry of Defense adopted this technique to control access to their headquarters. This prompted many people to fall into the trap of “Collective Sympathy” and no one noticed that information concerning these devices where readily available on the Internet.


Ironically, a daring Lebanese reporter Zeinab Ghosn, gathered this information and published a scientific article in Al-Safir newspaper on 06/14/2009 that raised the curiosity of security officials regarding the effectiveness of these so-called “explosives detectors”. Following the publication of the article, the reporter received criticizing calls from promoters of these commodities, who considered her essay as counter-propaganda. When questioned, back when I was the President of the “Syndicate of Security & Safety Professionals in Lebanon”, I confirmed the failure of these devices to perform as either weapon and/or explosive detectors.


Put in a simple way, it is believed that some people have a talent to detect underground water by using a “pomegranate stick” and this technique is the modern equivalent under the camouflage of multiple names such as: ALPHA 6 - SNIFEX MOLE - ADE 651 - GT 200 - QUADRO. All these devices have differing trade and commercial descriptions but with the standard form of the metal receptor (antenna). They all claim to detect explosives as well as weapons over long distances without any scientific proof. Recently, Eng. Abbas Khazali from Iraq wrote about this matter after the recent bombings describing it as the "scandal of fake explosive detectors, facts by image and sound".




1)    Dogs                    


2)    Explosive Vapor Detectors      


3)    X-Ray Machines



Dog explosive detection


Without a doubt, dogs are the top method to effectively detect explosives. However, they respond only to their trainers and their performance is dependent on training continuity and style. Also, dogs cannot work for more than two hours which should be followed by a break of an equal period. Cost is rather expensive as it includes trainer’s expenses, accommodations, breeding and training period of dogs which could extend to more than a year.


The internationally recognized Explosive Detectors are known as “VAPOR DETECTORS. They detect traces of evaporated emissions left on objects from explosive materials (cars carriers, packages and containers). Not many devices on the market use the technique of either wiping traces from or sampling air surrounding the exposed body to render immediate results. Price range of such devices is 25~40 Thousands US Dollars. They are available on demand within sixty days from order confirmation.


Most “VAPOR DETECTORS” are acceptable for explosive detection. The finest devices, however, should have the following characteristics:


  • Easily operated
  • Put in action within 10 seconds
  • Light weighted
  • Quick analysis of data (less than 2 seconds)
  • Has reserve batteries for longer working hours (4 hours per battery)


X-RAY machines go through materials to determine the silhouette of the enclosed objects, including that of weapons; explosives and drugs are identified through the density and color of shapes. X-Ray machines are used to inspect bags, packages, containers, etc… at airports, ports or even hotels; however, they are anchored and heavy and their prices depend on the size of the “Tunnel” opening which in turn depends on the size of the enclosures to be inspected.


It is imperative to mention that security guards have the main role in any inspection process. They should be highly attentive and should not be in service for more than two consecutive hours, followed by a break to re-energize and stay alert. It is therefore necessary to keep that in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.


by Capt. Sami Zod - General Director of Zod Security


Pictures sources: wired.com, lbcblogs.com, guardian.co.uk

Automatic Doors – 3 Benefits You Never Thought Of

Have you ever walked in front of an automatic door thinking you would just walk-by (oh-so-confidently!) only to find yourself stood-up?

Eventually you gasp: ‘it will open now’ - ‘in a second’. Yet, you still stand there, in front of the door, expecting it to react to your presence.

Evidently, they didn’t get your automatic door from Zod Security… But what if they did?

Aside from a fast-reacting, effective door, they would have benefited from many advantages. Take a look:




Automatic doors conserve energy. How? They save energy from heating and air-conditioning that would have been required otherwise. Given that they open only when passing-by traffic is near, and close spontaneously, automatic doors will easily conserve temperature inside your premises. Thus, saving-up on your electricity costs.




Automatic doors provide disabled people easy access, since they are not obliged to open or close the door by themselves.


Security personnel can remotely control automatic doors. They can grant access to selective traffic or deactivate it, had there been children trying to access the premises.

Automatic doors can be installed in hospitals, restaurants and shopping centers. Zod Security can supply and install both sliding and swinging automatic doors.

Contact Zod Security for more information 961 4 543 666 or zod@zod.com.lb

Metal Detectors Misused In Lebanese Malls

If you have been to some of the big malls in Lebanon, you would have noticed that, aside from being scanned with a fake explosive detector, as your car enters the parking lots, the security personnel at the mall entrance door will scan the ladies' handbags with a handheld metal detector.  Does it sound valid for you? Here's why it shouldn't:


Metal Detectors Are not for HandBags

There is a sound reason why, when you walk through a metal detector at airports, security personnel ask you to put your luggage and objects aside for x-ray weapon inspection.

Handbags, purses and luggage contain metallic objects that, had they set the metal detector at a good intensity, would alert the operators. While holding a handheld metal detector might make some security personnel feel more special, it is just about a million times wiser to perform a manual search!

What if there are weapons outside the purses

Had this metal detection application been ok for purses, the way it is practiced certainly is not. It is rather ridiculous when you walk with a lady into a mall, and you see the security personnel barely scanning her purse, while none of you actually get screened. The big title? 'You can carry anything on you or in your pockets, but please, not in a lady's purse.'

Metal Detectors are Body scanners

Handheld metal detectors are meant to scan the body in order to detect any concealed weapon. They should be held close to the area that needs to be screened.  They have to go through every part of the body to clear a suspect, and for this reason, they are not an ideal solution for a mall.



This said, metal detectors are very effective detection means, and are a rather fairly priced tools to detect weapons. If you do not have a trained personnel who knows how to use a handheld metal detector, a walk-through metal detector can be a better solution, although it does require a proficient security personnel, it is easier to operate correctly - and the handheld metal detector could be used a a complementary tool.



Loyalty Program – For Electricians

Beirut, Lebanon - Congratulations to the first winner from Zod Security's 2012 electricians' loyalty program - On the morning of February 25, 2013, Zod Security's Assistant Managing Director Mr. Elie Zod, presented Sedna with its $1,500 reward, thanking them for their loyalty to Zod Security. Mr. Bassam Mahfouz, Sedna's owner, received the reward on behalf of his company.

loyalty Program Winner

This Zod Security loyalty program is exclusive for its electricians clientele, and is still running in 2013. Discount vouchers (a pocket-sized card in a plastic cover) can now be picked up with your purchases at Zod Security's showroom.

discount card

Frequent electrician customers can accumulate their sales invoices throughout the year, and benefit from their reward at the end of this time period.

  • $500 reward for $10,000 purchases
  • $1,500 reward for $20,000 purchases
  • $2,500 reward for $30,000 purchases

... and who knows, maybe you will be amongst next year's winners.

How to Choose a Security Safe

We all need to protect our valuable belongings, personal papers, jewelry, irreplaceable pieces we own, etc. against any type of threat, mainly robbery or fire. An efficient security safe should be bought once and for all. Therefore, the safe’s quality matters. It is advised to purchase one that is certified by EN or VDS. While the European Norm EN1143-1 guarantees that the safe you are buying is built in the best professional manner, other criteria are not to be ignored.

Contact a security expert at Zod Security for advice on the type of safe you need.

Security Safes

Each safe is rated and handed a grade, which provides an accurate ranking for its level of security. The more the items to be protected are valuable, the higher the grade you should seek. Keep in mind that the insurance amount is dependent on the safe’s grade. For instance, if the safe is capable to withstand explosion, the insurance value increases.

The testing conducted to obtain a certificate consists of the use of a combination of commonly used theft tools. For a safe to be approved, it must resist a number of different burglary attempts. The defiance is measured in resistance units, RU, a score calculated using two parameters: time and type of tool. The aim of each test is to determine how long it takes to get into the safe, without taking into account noise or smoke build-up.

When the safe has passed the tests, it receives its burglary class certification. Available rates range from Grade 0, upwards. The certificate for the different classes is achieved within the norms listed below.

It is important that all safes weighing less than 1000 kg be fixed to the wall or the floor.

Each certified safe is insured up to a certain amount of money. The table below shows vis-à-vis the enumerated levels, the values insured in Euros: EN 1143-1

LEVEL 0 50.000 Euros
LEVEL 1 100.000 Euros
LEVEL 2 250.000 Euros
LEVEL 3 400.000 Euros
LEVEL 4 550.000 Euros
LEVEL 5 700.000 Euros
LEVEL 6 850.000 Euros
LEVEL 7 1.000.000  Euros
LEVEL8 1.125.000 Euros
LEVEL 9 1.325.000 Euros
LEVEL 10 1.500.000 Euros
LEVEL 11 1.665.000 Euros
LEVEL 12 1.825.000 Euros
LEVEL 13 2.000.000 Euros

BEWARE Fire safes and Strong safes do not cover the same goals, and cannot substitute one another.

Fire safes are created to resist heat, fire and drop between floors. While they might appear to be identical, Fire safes cannot withstand burglary attacks, given that they are built with 1mm steel filled with fire resistant material. Thus, to understand what type of safe you are buying, read the label usually located on the inside back of the safe door. The level of security of the safe, provided through its certification can help end-users evaluate safes from different suppliers, and compare apple-to-apple. The fireproof norms differ from those of a burglary-proof safe. Be careful to read the sticker affixed to the inside of the door (certificate), and verify that the accreditation is supplied from a credible institution.

Under no circumstances should the user singularly trust the statements or copies provided from a seller. This said, the user should not forget to evaluate the dimension and the quality of the after-sales service before taking his final decision, to ensure proper maintenance. In addition, the buyer should verify that the company he is dealing with is part of the Syndicate of Security and Safety Professionals for a minimum guarantee in professionalism.

Syndicate of Security and Safety Professionals in Lebanon

You can reach Zod Security on 961 4 543 666 or zod@zod.com.lb for more details.