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A Safety Guide For Women

A Safety Guide For Women

On a daily basis, we hear news about the theft of  houses, cars and shops... As well as purse snatching in most areas of  Lebanon. This has lead many women to avoid carrying handbags by fear of losing their valuables or being dragged on the ground. Hereby, the director of Zod Security, Captain Sami Zod explains the means by which women could protect themselves from purse snatching, and the measures that must be taken to provide protection while in their cars and homes.

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When Driving

Women, today, are exposed to many theft attempts, what are the means for them to protect themselves in the car? It's simple. They should always close the car doors and windows while driving, and not leave their purses on the front seat, to prevent robbers on motorcycles from opening the door and grabbing the bags when stopping on road signs. In addition, women should refrain from picking up strangers on the road as dangerous surprises could occur.

When Parked

Breaking the glass of a car requires only a few seconds, so in order not to lure the thief, valuables should not be visible when the vehicle is parked in public places. It is better to park, when necessary, near surveillance cameras that are widely available around town nowadays.

Watch Out For The Keys

I would advise women to separate their car keys from the house keys when the vehicle is handed in for washing or to a valet parking, due to the ease of copying keys. Given that it is easy to determine the women’s address either by personal identification, stalking or even accessing information through the documents in the vehicle.

Where Danger Peaks

Dark places and internal roads attract more criminals and abusers. It is safer to light the main entrance of the house and the car's parking lot when returning at night.

How To Defend Oneself

It is better to carry a flashlight that is at the same time a Stun Gun, the electric shock will protect you from an agressor, making him fall to the ground paralyzed for a short time, allowing the victim to escape. Another option is to use a Pepper Spray, which for about ten minutes, would cause the aggressor to display symptoms of suffoction and itching along with severe blurring and redness in the eye, the time needed for women to escape or get help. This spray can come in the form of a lipstick, and is available at Zod Security. Our company is the first to get an import license for these devices.

In Case of Armed Theft

Women must remain calm during a robbery and not resist the process of armed robbery, even if this requires giving away some valuables. Most importantly, they should try to notice any particularities a robber can have, such as a tattoo or wound, height, eyes... This is the only way they could help the security forces in catching the thief.

Home Security Measures

Any home can be exposed to theft but the risk increases when important security measures are neglected. When you leave the house it is necessary to make sure that the doors and windows are well closed. Also, keys can be left in the door from the inside when the family is inside the house, making it difficult to manipulate it from outside. It is advisable to have a multi-latches lock and that the entrance of the house is equipped with alarm system and surveillance cameras if necessary.

 What To Protect

In addition to family members and individuals, assets have to be safeguarded, particularly precious ones like money, jewelry and important documents. Money and jewelry should be kept in a theft-proof safe and  installed or embedded on the wall, in order to prevent its transportation. Here, a distinction must be made ​​between fire-resisting safes and theft resisting ones.

Protecting Your Residence

Real protection for buildings begins at the entrance. It has to be closed at all times with an iron door or with an electric lock controlled via interphone. To prevent thefts, it is advisable to installl the presence of surveillance cameras inside and outside with an attentive concierge. Today, copying keys requires less than ten minutes. What characterizes Zod keys from others? Zod keys are currently known in the Lebanese market for being copy-proof because of the guaranteed movable latch that cannot be imitated or poured.

General Recommendations

I would advise every woman not to open the door for unfamiliar people whatever the excuses... Most importantly, alert children and maids on the danger of opening the door for anyone even if he claims to be from the part of a relative or friend. Also, avoid putting all official documents, such as ID, passport and bank cards in your handbag.
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